These battery kits are designed by an Enphase Premium solar contractor. Not an online warehouse. Some make false claims about emergency back up ability and prices without the complete monitoring system and mounting brackets required for the batteries to work. Don't get fooled by an online warehouse.The AC batteries are not for emergency back up and won't work without all the parts we include. Plus we include shipping to the continental United States. 

Pre Package Systems

Why do we offer pre packaged systems? These battery systems are new and require all the correct parts to work together correctly. To keep it simple we include everything an electrician or solar contractor would need in most cases. In rare cases 1 more Consumption CT is required for some electrical service boxes. In that case contact us about purchasing another CT. We have installed the Combiner box with Envoy S and found the best practices for installation. Enphase Energy is very interested to see that their new battery systems are installed correctly. This insures happy customers and valid warranty with Enphase Energy. These battery systems were rolled out in Australia last year and the information learned led us to the complete package system plan as the best plan of action. Enphase Energy also likes our package systems to accelerate adoption by new solar adopters and previous solar energy system installs as well. We include the complete monitoring system with shipping to simplify the process. The system is modular so adding batteries is very easy now and in the future. New Enphase AC Battery systems may be eligible for the Federal 30% ITC, consult your tax accountant for eligibility.