New Enphase AC batteries will work with any new or existing solar energy system. The Enphase system is modular so you can add batteries as needed. Enphase AC batteries are UL approved for safety. TUV tested for thermal run away or fire safety.

We include 2 Consumption CT's (required) with Envoy S metered.The new AC batteries will be shipping Now! We recommend getting the Envoy S combiner box first so you can generate your own data to size your AC battery needs. You can also use the Enphase sizing tool link to estimate your battery needs. 

 Store sunlight every day

The Production CT is included with the Envoy S on all orders. 2 Consumption Ct's are included. 2 Ct's are required for monitoring to provide production and consumption data. Professional installation required.

Envoy S metered Combiner Box with 2 CT's Plus FREE SHIPPING!

Ac Battery Complete Packages

Huge Price drop on solar batteries

Call 1-877-600-7374  for AC Battery information.

Free Shipping included on all kit packaged systems. 2.4kW, 4.8kW, 7.2kW systems are most common.

Customizable Pricing is also available for different battery quantities with kits and shipping.

Enphase AC Battery 1.2kW 

all kits include Batteries/Mounts/Envoy S Metered/2CT's PLUS Free shipping! 

The first modern storage battery with UL Approval for safety.


These battery kits are designed by an Enphase Premium solar contractor.

Not an online warehouse. Some make false claims about emergency back up ability and prices without the complete monitoring system and mounting brackets required for the batteries to work. Don't get fooled by an online warehouse. The AC batteries are not for emergency back up and won't work without all the parts we include. Plus we include shipping to the continental United States.