Get your Envoy S now and generate some data so when your batteries come in you will be storage ready.

It's not about battery back-up, it's about "PowerShifting" your solar energy to even more financial advantage by consuming much more of it before you send it back to the power company.


This system will not provide emergency backup, it is not intended for emergency back-up. The AC battery systems primary function is to gather more of the solar energy produced at your home and use it inside your home before sharing it with the power company. 

We strongly encourage you to have an Electrical or Solar Contractor install your equipment for safety.

The batteries (above) were installed in Australia in 2016. California is next in 2017.

The home above has an electric car charging in the evening. AC batteries will shift the excessive daytime energy production into the evening usage. AC batteries take maximum advantage of your solar production daily. With more electric cars on the way get your  consumption monitoring now and add batteries as you need them.

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Save more of your solar energy every day.

Data colors = Darker orange is consumption

(Above)          Light orange is consumption covered by solar

                        Darker blue is solar production

                        Light blue is solar production used in the home

If you require an emergency backup option we suggest a propane generator for the rare occasions. You will use the AC battery system every day. 

Click above for the AC Battery data sheet